Lemon Doughnuts with Blackberry Jam Filling

As you guys might have guessed, I am a big fan of making things from scratch. I think they usually taste better than the alternative, and while I'm not above cutting corners, sometimes it just feels nice to create a dish from raw ingredients, and to be able to say that you've made something completely … Continue reading Lemon Doughnuts with Blackberry Jam Filling

Toasted Coconut Pancakes with Blueberry Rum Compote

This weekend is a weekend for celebration in more ways than one. We've celebrated my brother's and my cousin's graduations from college. We've celebrated Memorial Day, which, while it doesn't officially mark any seasonal change, is basically unofficially the start of summer. And in my apartment, we are currently in the process of celebrating the … Continue reading Toasted Coconut Pancakes with Blueberry Rum Compote

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

It's not a secret. Believe me, we all do it. Sometimes we get lazy. Sometimes we are forgetful. Sometimes a prized ingredient is left unused in the fridge or on the counter, our best intentions for it simply no match for the exhaustion/excuses/whatever that has shown up in our lives since its purchase. Luckily enough … Continue reading Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Hearty, Healthy, Homemade Granola

As much as I love cooking for dinner, I have to admit that I am horrendous when it comes to breakfast. Breakfast has just never come easily to me. Growing up I frequently skipped breakfast altogether in favor of savory leftovers, and while I have come to terms with more traditional everyday breakfast foods, the … Continue reading Hearty, Healthy, Homemade Granola