Argentine Chicken & Beef Empanadas [2 Recipes]

Empanadas. Let’s talk about them. Because I made them this week and they are so good that they may ruin me.


Since I left Argentina I’ve been searching for a true Argentine empanada. I’m probably going to cause some controversy by saying this, but I think that the best empanadas in the world can be found in Buenos Aires. Flavorful, perfectly baked, artfully folded– there’s nothing like them in the world.

If good empanadas exist anywhere else, I thought, it would be New York. And yet in this enormous food capital, I’ve had an astoundingly hard time finding anything that reaches the high standards that Buenos Aires set for me.

So I made my own. And for the past week I haven’t been able to eat anything else. They are so good.


Okay that’s a little bit of an exaggeration. But only a little bit! Because every bite of one of these reminds me a little of Buenos Aires.

They fit great into my New York lifestyle, too, where I do almost everything on the go. You couldn’t ask for a better dinner to bring to a summer outdoor movie and I’m not above eating one for breakfast on my way out the door.


They key to success, I think, is the long, slow cook. Reducing the liquid in these babies will not only prevent them from becoming soggy, but it’ll also add levels of flavor that you just can’t fake. It takes some time to pull off but believe me when I say that these are worth the effort.

It’s perfectly fine to seal these with a fork (like I did with the chicken ones), but for a really authentic empanada definitely try your hand at folding– it’s not nearly as hard as it looks.


Happy empanada-making!

Check back later this week for the recipes to both the chicken and beef empanadas!


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