Holy Guacamole!

My host mother from my time studying abroad in Argentina loves guacamole. Really. She thinks that it is sing-and-dance worthy and has actually both sung and danced about it.

During one of my first weeks at my host family’s house, during a dinner where my host family was both exhausted and hitting the wine pretty hard, guacamole came up somehow in conversation and my host mother got up from the table. She started shaking her hips, and we were all quite confused until she started to sing-chant “guacamole guacamole guacamole!” and dance around the kitchen!

I sort of forgot about her obsession until I made fajitas with some friends. When I told her that we had made guacamole to go along with our meal, her eyes lit up as soon as the word’s first syllable left my mouth. My first order of business the next day was to go down to the corner verdulería to buy the necessary vegetables andwhip up a batch for the family. I ended up using 3 avocados– or paltas, as they’re called here, NOT aguacates like in Mexico– which yielded a fair amount of guacamole.

Silvia came home soon after I was done making it and was super excited when I told her what I’d made for her! She said she doesn’t normally eat lunch at midday, but we sat down and finished off a significant amount of it plus some tuna salad I put my extra avocado and a tomato into. It was a wonderful way to share lunch with her, and a great excuse to give her a break from working on her upcoming art exhibition.

Guacamole is also spectacularly easy to make. Seriously. If you like it and haven’t tried it before, well… you should. And I’m posting my process below (plus some handy spanish vocab) so you have no excuse not to!


For this batch, I used:

3 avocados (paltas)

1 medium tomato (tomate)

1 small onion (cebolla)

1 clove of garlie (ajo)

lemon and salt to taste, but you’re gonna want a good amount of lemon.

Cut the avocados in half and scoop out the meat with a spoon, removing the pit. Normally the avocado is mashed, but I wanted mine to be a bit chunkier. Throw the avocado meat in a bowl, then chop the tomato and the onion and throw those in, as well. Crush the garlic with the flat of the knife and then mince it as finely as possible– it could probably use more garlic, in reality, so feel free to add some more. Then salt it and lemon it– I ended up using a white vinegar-lemon combo just because we ran out of lemon, but lemon by itself is definitely better.

Mix it all up (sort of gently so the avocado doesn’t turn into a squishy mess) and ta-da! Your very own guacamole! Whoo!

I also made a bit of a variation with my extra avocado, a tomato, an onion, and a can of tuna that also came out pretty well, but a shot of lemon would have made it even better. Corn chips didn’t really exist in this Argentina– the closest we could find last weekend was Doritos– so today we ate them with crackers. Though I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how to eat guacamole! Happy eating!


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